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Meet The Team

Roxane Hara

Roxane Hara

Founder of NumeNOW.
Business woman with the
passion to empower other
female entrepreneurs.

Yhohans Hara

Yhohans Hara

CEO of NumeNOW.
The mission is to develop
successful people.

						Luis Fernando del Río

Luis Fernando del Río

Global Master
The mission is to lead the
NumeNOW family.

Doctor Romina Malano

Doctor Romina Malano

Board of Directors
Commitment to support
NumeNOW and its members.


Our Products

Our NEWme products are
made with quantum
technology which helps
us achieve greater
strength, resistance, and
stability, therefore giving
us the ancestral ambience
our mind and body needs.

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Doctor Noralie Riley

"After being in bed for 4
months due to a
serious car accident, I
was at the verge of
quitting my profession
as a dentist. This
product got me back
on my feet in less than
2 days!
Thank you

A. Candelaria

"I have been suffering
from Psoriasis for over
10 years. After I
started using the
NEWme Card, my skin
started to 'transform'.
Now, I can wear short
sleeve shirts and
shorts without feeling
ashamed of how my
skin looks. I am
confident and I
feel like a new person"

J. Hasselmeyer

"I had a tumor in my
right knee that
destroyed my bones. My
doctors told me that I
would never be able to
walk without my leg
braces and cane. After
only one week with my
NEWme Card, I am pain
free and I do not need
my leg braces or cane

S. Poma

"My mom always gets
very sick when she has
her menstrual
cycle. Her symptoms
include migraines,
vomiting, dizziness, and
She started wearing
the card and was
blown away!
She no longer has the
symptoms that she
used to and most of all,
she was full of

U. Brewster

"I have been suffering
from insomnia for
many years along with
TMJ pain, causing me
to be on a liquid diet.
After only the first day
with my card, I
overslept for the first
time. I woke up relaxed
and full of energy. I
was able to eat with a
spoon again after 6
I am pain free and


About Us

NumeNOW has been
specifically for you.
Our approach is to
provide you with A
better well-being,
balance, and energy.
creating a fantastic
and excellent
opportunity for
everyone to share as a

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Women NUme

The world has been
The evolution of
women and their roles
in society has been

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NumeNOW can make a transformation in your
life, improving it everyday in every way

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